Case Study – Complete Heating System Upgrade

Heaton Press in Stockport is passionate about providing the very best printing services and through investment in the latest state of the art printing technology they are able to offer cost effective and high quality print solutions to their customers.

The company’s continual investment has established them as one of the leading printing companies in the North West but their ageing heating system was letting them down

Installer SDH Building Services recommended replacing their oil fired heating with a Mr Slim air conditioning system that would not only be considerably cheaper than the £14,000 replacement boiler, but would also provide a far greater level of energy efficiency than the old system and as a result reduce their £7,000 annual running costs.

The Problem:

  • Oil fired heater - £14,000.00 to client had been quoted to replace it.
  • Client was spending £7,000.00 per year on oil supplies.
  • In total client was looking at spending £21,000.00 in the next 12 months.

The Solution:

  • New air to air heat pump - £12,000.00

  • Will only spend £2,500.00 per year on electrical supply

  • Saving the customer £12,400.00 in first 12 months and £5,000.00 per year there after

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