Employee Productivity And Air Conditioning

Providing an environment to support maximum employee productivity is a goal for most businesses. Ventilation of the workspace is vital, as uncomfortable temperatures can cause employees to feel unwell, unhappy and demotivated. Temperature control is not the only factor. High CO2 levels and high humidity affect cognitive function and focus.

Are you confident that your team can consistently deliver goods (or services) on time, in total, at the correct specification and of excellent quality on the hottest and coldest days of the year? Employee productivity might be about your team working hard or quickly. How hard can they work when they are too cold? How quickly can they work when they are too hot? Consistent productivity relies on making the work consistently easier. It’s about finding better and more consistent methods to achieve results. In many cases, it’s about better workspace organisation and workplace environments.

Workplace Ventilation

Air carries pollutants and other impurities which can affect your workers. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, poor workplace ventilation is still very much focused. The recent safeguarding advice told us to add more ventilation so virus particles can disperse effectively.

Business owners understand that insufficient ventilation can make employees feel uncomfortable at work. When energy levels drop, so does work output.

Providing adequate workplace ventilation is simply bringing fresh air and removing stale indoor air. Perhaps there is hot or humid air because of the number of workers in the team or perhaps because of workplace machinery. Decisions about the actions required to improve workplace ventilation usually start by consulting workers.

The Benefits of Good Quality Airflow

Uncomfortable work areas are off-putting for most people who need to remain there for the duration of their working day. There are benefits for business when staff are more comfortable in a well-ventilated workspace. Recent studies show that good airflow enhances cognitive function and decision-making, affecting work planning and motivation.

Improved Ventilation

Enhancing the ventilation in your office doesn’t need to be expensive. Renovating can be pricey, but merely improving air quality and ventilation can be achieved at affordable prices. Invest to invest in happier and healthier staff teams. Improve employee productivity and reduce viruses.

The first step is to consult an air conditioning specialist to discuss your office ventilation. Develop a great plan of action to improve your work environment ventilation and realise productivity.

Every building has slightly different requirements. Determining the best way to maximise ventilation in your facility relies on air conditioning specialists with the expertise to plan with you.

For more information

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