Improve Air Quality In Your Office

Improve air quality in your office before summer. Air quality is not something you’re likely to think about until a heatwave arrives. When office air starts to be too hot and stuffy, it affects health, well-being and sickness levels. To avoid problems with productivity, have a look at the issues with your offices and the air you breathe.

Air conditioner faults are often blamed for problems from summer colds to asthma. However, poor air quality is usually a result of maintenance errors. So, here is an example maintenance checklist as a guide:

Clean or Replace Air Conditioning Unit Filters Regularly

When filters retain contaminants such as dust and dirt, they can cause problems. Air that goes through filters and exits dirtier than before will pump contaminated air back into the office.

Once filters get clogged, contaminants may start to multiply mould spores or dust mites. Depending on the filter location, there may also be bird droppings, animal hair, bacteria or viruses.

All equipment that circulates air, purifies the air and humidifies air – even vacuum cleaners – must be cleaned and filters replaced at mandatory times.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks can be harmful to human health. Refrigerant gasses are potentially toxic if inhaled. All air conditioners use refrigerants, but refrigerant leaks are not always obvious. Look for unexplained spikes in power consumption or efficiency changes. Ice or frost build-up on evaporator coils can also indicate a leak. Always contact a servicing engineer if you suspect a leak. Although routine maintenance can help stop a leak before it happens, always be alert to avoid a significant hazard.

Keep Your Office Clean

Mould growing near windows, dust mites in cabinets, or other allergens are picked up and circulated by air conditioning. Your air conditioning system could be functioning, but employees may complain about unexplained respiratory symptoms. Air conditioning system maintenance records will help relieve the worries. Also, perhaps demonstrate that you keep your office clean by displaying checklists of daily cleaning tasks. As well as wipe down cleaning, you can use vacuum cleaners with allergen filters and air purifiers to remove a potential source of the problem.

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