Keeping Your Classroom Cool

Keeping your classroom cool for students isn’t just a nice added extra. Classrooms without cooling systems can experience sweltering heatwaves. The met office may offer advice about finding cool, shaded spots indoors, but some school buildings don’t have enough cool spaces.

Over-heated teachers know how important it is to maintain a calm and comfortable school and campus environment. Simply relaxing school uniform policy during hot weather sometimes isn’t enough.

Some forward-thinking schools and universities are investigating the options. Learning centres (such as private schools perhaps) could measure pupils’ relative exam success during summer heat and air-conditioned calm.

Effective heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can provide comfortable learning environments. A carefully controlled flow of fresh air improves comfort for teachers and children. University investigation has shown a probable correlation between rooms with managed ventilation leading to higher marks.

Poor building ventilation  can affect occupants’ health, contributing to illness and resulting in days off work and school. Poor ventilation and inadequately controlled air conditioning are also considered to trigger hay fever, asthma and stress in people with these conditions.

So, while the correct ventilation is essential, it is also critical to have a consistently comfortable temperature and knowledge about controlling the room adequately. Ask students about how they cope with studying and sitting end of year exams in rooms with doors closed and no adequate air conditioning or cooling system in place.

Teachers and lecturers all want their students to concentrate on their learning. However, when people feel uncomfortable in their environment, the natural urge on the brain and the body is to try to cool down. Both work output and accuracy can suffer. Higher temperatures are also thought to lead to aggressive behaviours in class.

Heating as well as Cooling.

When winter sets in, the challenge is to maintain adequate fresh air ventilation while keeping the chills away. Choose an HVAC solution – and expert company – that considers the full picture. Request a site survey and recommendations from an HVAC engineer with the correct know-how. Choose the cooling and heating capabilities to provide the optimal control within all spaces and rooms all year around.

Sometimes, it’s tempting to consider stand-alone heating and a separate cooling air conditioning system. But combining both in one solution can deliver a more energy efficient result – so that one approach isn’t contending with the other. Select one of the latest air conditioning systems for incredible energy efficiency that saves money.

As the academic year progresses, plan to find a good time to review the best available HVAC heating, ventilation and cooling system. There is plenty of evidence and a strong case to argue for a comfortable environment. Perhaps HVAC is as vital as other equipment requests. Take a look at the staff and student performance levels, the financial savings and environmental pride enjoyed by other learning centres.

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