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Why choose SDH as an HVAC Designer?

Why do commercial and industrial businesses choose SDH as an HVAC designer? Facilities managers appreciate that finding an expert to design and install suitable systems isn’t easy. When completing HVAC design, SDH experts consider the health & productivity of employees and how to add value to commercial property. Cost savings, ongoing efficiency, maintenance schedules provide all the advantages of high indoor air quality at the right time, right places and the right price.

As leading HVAC designer specialists, we can install quality heating, ventilation and air conditioning  systems needed for the business or organisation to succeed. Expert installation is an integral part of HVAC fit-out, but a quality system starts with a quality design. It’s the HVAC designer planning, costing, requirements and product choices that will ultimately make the real difference to your organisation. Discover why you should choose SDH not just to fit but also as an HVAC designer.


Compliance levels are the responsibility of building managers, facilities managers and commercial buildings owners. Your HVAC system will have rules which are enforceable by law.

Compliance is something that we put at the top of the priority list. We work closely with you to ensure that your compliance procedures are in place. We want you to be able to monitor compliance confidently at every step of the way. Starting at the site survey, and as we progress through to the design, fitting and aftercare, compliance is a feature in all aspects of the process. We assess full compliant methods, installations and practices and the latest legal requirements to have the information you might need.


With every HVAC design project and every heating, ventilation and air conditioning system installation, our expertise grows. We understand this specialist area of property management.

Experience and expert knowledge unlocks advantages for new customers looking for a system replacement or upgrade.


A professional HVAC service is equipped for the designs, installations, maintenance and repairs you need. In-house designers backed by teams of skilled experts and competent project managers deliver all your requirements.

Energy-efficient designs for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are vital to reduce energy consumption and your running costs. We place importance on establishing and implementing optimal approaches for the whole life of the building. We have worked on projects across the UK including Manchester, Liverpool , Cheshire, Wales, Blackpool , Bolton, Lancaster, Yorkshire  and London.

Whether you run a stadium or school, warehouse or office block, we can help you enhance your environment with a bespoke, high-quality HVAC system. Simply call: 01204 305 053, email: or fill in our contact form .

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