Make Your HVAC System More Energy Efficient

An energy-efficient HVAC System (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) has to meet targets in all aspects. Employees and visitors to business premises – family and friends at home – all need high-quality air indoors to stay healthy and productive. HVAC systems that are more energy efficient protect your people, your pocket and the planet.

The correct maintenance and use of a quality air conditioning system allows facilities managers (and homeowners alike) to predict building energy consumption and associated emissions accurately. Fail to manage correctly, and there is a risk of runaway energy costs.

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Keeping Your Classroom Cool

Keeping your classroom cool for students isn’t just a nice added extra. Classrooms without cooling systems can experience sweltering heatwaves. The met office may offer advice about finding cool, shaded spots indoors, but some school buildings don’t have enough cool spaces.

Over-heated teachers know how important it is to maintain a calm and comfortable school and campus environment. Simply relaxing school uniform policy during hot weather sometimes isn’t enough.

Some forward-thinking schools and universities are investigating the options. Learning centres (such as private schools perhaps) could measure pupils’ relative exam success during summer heat and air-conditioned calm.

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