Best Practice For Data Centre Cooling

Have you ever had a laptop with a whirring fan to cool your precious battery and save your data from meltdown? Now imagine the same noise in a large data centre, filled with powerful, heat-generating components.
The slightest of variations in temperature and humidity can cause systems to fail. The right cooling system is vital in spaces containing tech. Businesses cannot risk network failures or data loss.
Closely controlled environments are essential for data centre cooling and other settings such as labs, hospital operating rooms, museum archives, and more. Anywhere that demands accurate climate control.
So, you’ve established that the right air conditioning system for your data centre cooling is required, but how do you choose? And how do you know whether your contractor has the right expertise?
So much can be picked up from the recommendation of other customers in other industries. Choose an air conditioning contractor with the right track record and know-how to design – and install – your data centre cooling and ventilation systems.
Specification of the best air conditioning system for your needs depends on the demands of your organisation. A traditional inverter driven air conditioning unit might be the best option. Perhaps evaporative cooling is the technology for you.
Part of the specification process involves the full audit of all the heat-generating tech equipment. Other factors include the construction of the building. An accurate value for heat gain is measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs. Engineers use tools and computer modelling software to evaluate heat load before deciding on the right aircon unit equipment for your area to keep cool.

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Make Your HVAC System More Energy Efficient

An energy-efficient HVAC System (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) has to meet targets in all aspects. Employees and visitors to business premises – family and friends at home – all need high-quality air indoors to stay healthy and productive. HVAC systems that are more energy efficient protect your people, your pocket and the planet.

The correct maintenance and use of a quality air conditioning system allows facilities managers (and homeowners alike) to predict building energy consumption and associated emissions accurately. Fail to manage correctly, and there is a risk of runaway energy costs.

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