Improve Air Quality In Your Office

Improve air quality in your office before summer. Air quality is not something you’re likely to think about until a heatwave arrives. When office air starts to be too hot and stuffy, it affects health, well-being and sickness levels. To avoid problems with productivity, have a look at the issues with your offices and the air you breathe.

Air conditioner faults are often blamed for problems from summer colds to asthma. However, poor air quality is usually a result of maintenance errors. So, here is an example maintenance checklist as a guide:

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Benefits of Air Conditioning

Most people think they know about air conditioning, as it’s frequently used in large shopping centres, restaurants, business workplaces and homes. However, apart from the apparent temperature control function, air conditioning systems offer many additional benefits. Advances in technology provide air conditioning units that heat and cool buildings efficiently with minimal energy.

Air conditioning units set the temperature of an environment to an exact specification. Controlling and maintaining a comfortable temperature – whatever the weather – has never been more straightforward.

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