Why you should install air conditioning in your office

Nowadays, a huge number of people work in offices around the country, and if there is one thing that everyone can agree on, it would probably be that offices can get unbearably hot, cold or stuffy at times. With so many people within one space, and often without windows that can open very far, air conditioning and ventilation can be the most logical addition to your office.

If you have the ability to make building changes such as adding or replacing the air conditioning within your office, you should put it under genuine consideration as it could help to ensure that your staff remains happy while working for you. It might seem like it wouldn’t much of an issue, as people can simply take off jumpers and few fewer layers to work, but installing air conditioning really could make all the difference where staff morale is concerned.

When employees feel too warm or cold, they are likely to feel quite ill. If your office space really does get too hot or cold, you may even find that your employee’s just don’t come into work. Also, they may simply begin to feel sleepy, fatigued and de-motivated, which could bring down your business’ output levels to a slow crawl. This will do absolutely no favours whatsoever for your revenue and Return on Investment (ROI), and you may actually end up losing money during the summer and winter months.

Air conditioning doesn’t have to cost that much to install or maintain, and your employees are guaranteed to be very thankful for your decision. One of the best things about air conditioning units is that they are multifunctional. In the summertime they can pump out fresh, clean, cool air that will keep everyone in your office feeling refreshed, but in the wintertime the tables are turned and they now produce very efficient heating. Because they are a heat pump they absorb heat from the atmosphere even at -20oC, this make them up to 4 times more efficient to run than a conventional gas boiler.


So, if your office is a bit of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and switches from swelteringly hot in the summer to absolutely freezing in the winter, an air conditioning unit might be precisely what your building needs. You may want to put it to a vote within your company to find out how many people would be for the idea, so you don’t end up wasting your money. However, you probably won’t find that many people that will be against the idea!

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