Employee Productivity And Air Conditioning

Providing an environment to support maximum employee productivity is a goal for most businesses. Ventilation of the workspace is vital, as uncomfortable temperatures can cause employees to feel unwell, unhappy and demotivated. Temperature control is not the only factor. High CO2 levels and high humidity affect cognitive function and focus.

Are you confident that your team can consistently deliver goods (or services) on time, in total, at the correct specification and of excellent quality on the hottest and coldest days of the year? Employee productivity might be about your team working hard or quickly. How hard can they work when they are too cold? How quickly can they work when they are too hot? Consistent productivity relies on making the work consistently easier. It’s about finding better and more consistent methods to achieve results. In many cases, it’s about better workspace organisation and workplace environments.

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What is the Difference Between Commercial Air Conditioning and Residential Air Conditioning

Air conditioning requirements vary, so what is the difference between commercial and residential air conditioning? Many of the differences depend on the building, particularly the size. Commercial and residential air conditioning also have different requirements. In this article, we look at the functions and their differences.

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