Air Conditioning & Ventilation Services

Many people think that air conditioning units are only meant to blow out cold air. However, in commercial settings, the goal is to maintain ideal room temperatures and even warm up spaces when required.

AC units are essential for maintaining a comfortable environment, regardless of the weather. They can be used for both cooling and heating purposes, ensuring the satisfaction of guests, residents, customers, and staff.

A well-designed and managed air conditioning system can maintain a stable air temperature and make previously uncomfortable spaces usable. For instance, conservatories or garden rooms can become too hot in summer and too cold in winter, but an AC system can solve this problem.

As certified air conditioning experts with extensive experience, we are fully equipped to handle any air conditioning project, big or small, and cater to the requirements of all customers seeking air conditioning installation services in Greater Manchester.

Air Conditioning Services Greater Manchester

Our services include:

  • Air conditioning & ventilation installation
  • Air conditioning & ventilation surveys
  • Air conditioning consultancy
  • Air conditioning repairs
  • Ventilation service and repair
  • Air conditioning maintenance/servicing
  • Planned preventative maintenance (PPM)
  • Daikin air conditioning products
  • Mitsubishi air conditioning products
  • Toshiba air conditioning products

If you require any type of Air Con, Ventilation or HVAC service in Greater Manchester, simply call us, email us or get a quick quote.

Air Conditioning Services

Building Maintenance Services

SDH offers a variety of affordable building maintenance options for commercial properties throughout Greater Manchester. Our products are of exceptional quality and designed to meet your needs:

  • Air con, ventilation and HVAC systems
  • Heating systems and boilers
  • Plumbing fixtures and fittings
  • Electrical and lighting

If you're unsure about which system to use or how to install it, we will gladly can assist you. Our team understands that everyone has unique requirements, so feel free to get in touch with us for professional guidance, additional details on our services, or a quote.


SDH provide commercial plumbing and heating services, air conditioning, ventilation and HVAC services to clients across the UK including: Birmingham, Blackburn , Blackpool, Bolton, Bradford, Cheshire, Chester, Cumbria, Lancashire, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Merseyside, Midlands, Norwich, Preston, Wales, Wakefield, Warrington, Wigan and Yorkshire. Contact SDH for more information.

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