Commercial Heat Recovery Solutions

There are many commercial heat recovery solutions available on the market today. By installing a heat recovery system, businesses can save money and energy by capturing wasted heat and using it to heat their premises.
Heat recovery ventilation systems work by drawing in air from the outside and passing it over a heat exchanger. This heats the air before it is distributed around the building. The waste heat from the exchanger is then used to pre-heat the incoming air, meaning that less energy is required to heat the building.
As well as saving money on heating bills, heat recovery systems can also improve indoor air quality by removing stale air and pollutants from the premises. This can create a more comfortable working environment for staff and customers alike.
If you are looking for ways to reduce your business’ energy costs, then a heat recovery system could be the answer.

Is Heat Recovery the right solution for me?

Choosing a suitable commercial MVHR unit (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) is the best option in most situations. Such systems extract the heat from the air that is expelled from the premises while filtering any incoming air. This is especially crucial in commercial or industrial areas with poor air quality.

What are the benefits of Commercial Heat Recovery?

  • Better air quality
  • Low Co2 levels reduce fatigue
  • Prevention of mould and condensation
  • Recovery of heat that would be lost otherwise
  • Continuous fresh air reduces airborne bacteria and germs

Good for the Environment

Companies today must take their carbon footprint seriously and a commercial heat recovery system can help considerably decrease carbon emissions and spending.

Why choose us?

We, at SDH, provide professional low-energy heat recovery system installation and have been doing so for years. We work with our clients to create fitting solutions for their unique needs and provide proven advice. While we are based in Lancashire, UK, we offer our services nationwide.

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